Melbourne City FC Home

Melbourne City can’t wear the the same all-blue home kit as their parent club due to Sydney FC’s view that they own the sky-blue colour (or maybe it’s just insecurity over their own brand, I don’t know). Anyway, since City Football Group took over they’ve been wearing a predominantly white home kit – originally one based on an old Manchester City third kit, and now for the 2016-17 season an all-white kit with ‘city’ blue sleeves.

However I think it still needs more blue – regardless of how Sydney FC feel about it – using the gradienty-stripey style that Nike is using as their global third kit template for 2016-17, I’ve applied sit using ‘city’ blue and white, paired with white shorts and sock it is still a predominantly white kit, but gives Melbourne a little more colour. I’ve thrown in some red trim, both as a nod to the club’s “Heart” history and as an additional element to distance it from Sydney FC’s all-blue kit.