Melbourne City FC Away

For the first time since City Football Group took over, Melbourne City FC have abandoned the old Melbourne Heart red and white stripes as their away kit. Their new alternative is, umm, not great. Sure, I can see what they were trying to do, but it has just turned into a bad impression of Galatasaray’s (quite nice) new kit. If it had been a proper 50/50 red/white split closer to what Galatasaray actually have, then it would probably get a pass … but it isn’t.

They really should have just stuck with the traditional red and white stripes – it works just fine for Athletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao – and would have continued to work just fine for Melbourne as well. I’ve given it some ‘city’ blue trim (linking it back to my home concept), and paired it with red shorts and socks to make sure it serves as a ‘dark’ alternative to the predominantly white home kit.