South Sydney Rabbitohs Batman v Superman South Sydney Rabbitohs Batman v Superman

South Sydney Rabbitohs Batman v Superman

Souths are this year once again including a Superman-themed jersey in their line-up, this year it’s to promote Batman v Superman that’s out in a couple of weeks time.

The designs of these ‘special’ Superman jerseys have been historically been pretty ordinary with unnecessary textures and faux-3D looks resulting in a bit of a muddy mess. I get that they have been trying to mimic the texture of Superman’s suit, but it doesn’t work.

This year’s effort is possible the most disappointing of the lot, the glowy-3d-trainwreck treatment that’s been given tot he Batman/Superman logo looks really bad.

So, what if you stripped all that over embellishment away, and just tried to integrate the logo into the regular Rabbitohs’ jersey? That’s what I’ve tried to do here, it’s also got a bit of last year’s World Club Challenge look to it with the wider cardinal bar across the chest to accommodate the Batman/Superman logo.

It would probably be even better if you could drop the Crown logo from the front, but realistically that’s not going to happen.

South Sydney Rabbitohs Batman v SupermanSouth Sydney Rabbitohs Batman v Superman
Penrith Panthers Nines Kit Penrith Panthers Nines Kit

Penrith Panthers Nines Kit

The Panthers have already toyed with adding gold to their Nines kit, so it’s further introduction to their jersey’s would be no great surprise.

For my nines concept I’ve drawn on inspiration from the popular ‘liquorice allsorts’ jerseys from the early 90s. I’ve continued the chocolate and gold theme from my home and away concepts, but the gold has been dialed up to 11 with gold shorts and gold hoops on the socks. After all, it is the Nines, if you’re going to do something crazy, do it at the Nines.

Penrith Panthers Nines KitPenrith Panthers Nines Kit
Penrith Panthers Away Kit Penrith Panthers Away Kit

Penrith Panthers Away Kit

There is nothing subtle about these stripes. A white base with bold chocolate-coloured vertical stripes calling back to these gems that were first worn in the mid-70s. The chocolate and white continues through to the hoops on the socks.

Unlike the originals I’ve paired these jerseys with white shorts primarily to make sure this is a ‘light’ kit to contrast the ‘dark’ all-chocolate home kit, however there’s absolutely no reason they couldn’t mix and match and wear the darker shorts with this jersey.

I haven’t continued the vertical strips onto the back of the jersey for two reasons – first to keep it clear and make sure the numbers stand out, secondly to keep this as a predominantly white jersey.

Penrith Panthers Away KitPenrith Panthers Away Kit
Penrith Panthers Home Kit Penrith Panthers Home Kit

Penrith Panthers Home Kit

A few days ago the Panthers revealed their 50th anniversary logo which hints at gold featuring at some level on their jerseys for next season, I’ve made use of this logo in a couple of ways, I’ve adapted into the primary logo featured on the jersey (as an alternative to the standalone panther on the current jerseys), it also restores the name ‘Penrith’ to the logo which many fans would be keen on. The 50th logo itself has been included on the back of the jerseys.

From there I’ve gone all-in on the chocolate (deep brown) and gold colour scheme, the brown itself being a return to the colour they wore during the first half of their existence before switching it out for black in the early 90s.

This home kit is predominantly chocolate, with subtle two-tone vertical stripes on the jersey, and hoops on the socks. The shoulder and shorts striping is inspired by one of their earliest jerseys, although I’ve gone with four stripes instead of two. While the vertical stripes and sock striping is inspired by the jerseys they first wore in the mid-70s – I’ve based by away concept directly on these.

Penrith Panthers Home KitPenrith Panthers Home Kit
Gold Coast Titans Fauxback Friday Gold Coast Titans Fauxback Friday

Gold Coast Titans Fauxback Friday

This week’s edition of Fauxback Friday features the Gold Coast Titans, and a kit inspired by the ‘interesting’ teal/purple/grey look that the previous Gold Coast team – the Chargers – wore during the mid/late 90’s before they folded, in the wake of the ARL/Super League war, after just one season in the re-unified NRL in 1998.

Aside form their location the Titans, who entered the NRL in 2007, have no connection to the Giants/Seagulls/Gladiators/Chargers teams that played in the NSWRL/ARL/NRL from 1988-98.

I haven’t used any of the Chargers colours, but I’ve applied the Titans’ current palette to the ‘striped yoke’ style that the Chargers wore in their final years. With the same stripes used on the sleeves, and on the shorts.

Gold Coast Titans Fauxback FridayGold Coast Titans Fauxback Friday
Brisbane Broncos Nines Kit Brisbane Broncos Nines Kit

Brisbane Broncos Nines Kit

Ok, so what about something completely insane? You’re either going to love it, or despise it.

The Broncos toyed with adding black to their Nines jersey earlier this year, but ended up with a mutant black/maroon/gold hybrid that looked more like a manufacturing error than something that was intentional. While I’m not a massive fan of “black for blacks sake” in sports design, I’ve taken the black idea and run with it anyway, giving it a slight twist.

I’ve dropped the maroon entirely, and the gold. Replacing them are dark charcoal (it felt slightly more creative than just choosing plain old black), and the super bright “volt” yellow/green colour that Nike (who manufacture the Broncos’ gear) seem to love.

Oh, and it’s all applied to the Broncos diamond jersey design.

The nines are a place for some creativity to be shown, the tournament only runs for a couple of days and then normality returns. Why not have some fun with it?

Brisbane Broncos Nines KitBrisbane Broncos Nines Kit
Brisbane Broncos Heritage Kit Brisbane Broncos Heritage Kit

Brisbane Broncos Heritage Kit

Bring back the diamonds!

I really want to see the return of the diamonds as a heritage option for the Broncos. This would make their heritage jersey very distinct from the standard home and away jerseys, and reintroduce what is still a very unique look. They don’t have to make it the permanent heritage jersey, just being able to see it run around a couple of times one season would be fine.

Brisbane Broncos Heritage KitBrisbane Broncos Heritage Kit
Brisbane Broncos Away Kit Brisbane Broncos Away Kit

Brisbane Broncos Away Kit

The inverse of my ideal home kit, this away option for the Brisbane Broncos features a gold-dominated jersey and sock, but keeps the maroon shorts to avoid the “banana-man” head-to-toe yellow look that many (aside from myself) didn’t like when the Broncos introduced their all-gold away jersey a few years back.

The Broncos current away jersey is slightly better than last years as they’ve toned down the gradient, but I still don’t like it. Harsh gradients like gold-to-maroon have no place on any jersey.

Brisbane Broncos Away KitBrisbane Broncos Away Kit
Brisbane Broncos Home Kit Brisbane Broncos Home Kit

Brisbane Broncos Home Kit

My ideal Brisbane Broncos home kit, a maroon-dominated throwback to their original jerseys, not intended to be an exact replica, simply a nod to the past and a reinterpretation of a classic look. Maroon, white and gold bands on the sleeves are reflected on both on the shorts and the socks.

Brisbane Broncos Home KitBrisbane Broncos Home Kit
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