Brisbane Broncos Nines Kit

Brisbane Broncos Nines Kit

Ok, so what about something completely insane? You’re either going to love it, or despise it.

The Broncos toyed with adding black to their Nines jersey earlier this year, but ended up with a mutant black/maroon/gold hybrid that looked more like a manufacturing error than something that was intentional. While I’m not a massive fan of “black for blacks sake” in sports design, I’ve taken the black idea and run with it anyway, giving it a slight twist.

I’ve dropped the maroon entirely, and the gold. Replacing them are dark charcoal (it felt slightly more creative than just choosing plain old black), and the super bright “volt” yellow/green colour that Nike (who manufacture the Broncos’ gear) seem to love.

Oh, and it’s all applied to the Broncos diamond jersey design.

The nines are a place for some creativity to be shown, the tournament only runs for a couple of days and then normality returns. Why not have some fun with it?

Dean Robinson

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