Central Coast Mariners Home Kit

Central Coast Mariners Home Kit

The Mariners have launched their new look for the upcoming A-League season, and it is not great. Slapped on the front of their new kit is a palm tree resembling Sideshow Bob’s infamous hair. It’s another poor Kappa kit, I’m not sure I’ve seen them produce anything decent, ever. Minor positive is that the cut of this year’s jersey looks slightly less like a 10 year-old’s swim shirt…

So, in response, I’ve tweaked a Mariners concept I put together a couple of years ago. I’ve got with fatter hoops, and given them a slight angle to keep things interesting. I’ve also gone back to the yellow shirt + navy short combo rather than the head-to-toe banana yellow look that their official kits have.

I’ll throw an ‘away’ version, and a bigger look at my alternate Mariners logo up tomorrow.

Dean Robinson

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