Carlton Blues Fauxback Friday

Carlton Blues Fauxback Friday

Trying something new, Fauxback Friday, might be a regular thing might not be. We’ll see how things go. First up, the Carlton Football Club.

This one is equal parts heritage and clash. I’ve gone with the blue/cream colour scheme worn by Carlton in the late 1890’s, the ‘cream’ actually being faded white-dyed chamois, and the blue being a lighter shade of the navy they currently wear. I actually quite like how this colour combo looks.

I’ve flipped the colours around, pairing then with cream shorts and sock with navy trim, to produce a predominantly ‘light’ concept which could theoretically work as a ‘clash’ alternative for Carlton. Finishing things off is a cleaned-up version of the monogram they wore through 1910-1926.

If you’ve got a request for a future Fauxback Friday hit me up on twitter @thirdkit.

Dean Robinson

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