Gold Coast Titans Fauxback Friday

Gold Coast Titans Fauxback Friday

This week’s edition of Fauxback Friday features the Gold Coast Titans, and a kit inspired by the ‘interesting’ teal/purple/grey look that the previous Gold Coast team – the Chargers – wore during the mid/late 90’s before they folded, in the wake of the ARL/Super League war, after just one season in the re-unified NRL in 1998.

Aside form their location the Titans, who entered the NRL in 2007, have no connection to the Giants/Seagulls/Gladiators/Chargers teams that played in the NSWRL/ARL/NRL from 1988-98.

I haven’t used any of the Chargers colours, but I’ve applied the Titans’ current palette to the ‘striped yoke’ style that the Chargers wore in their final years. With the same stripes used on the sleeves, and on the shorts.

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