Atlanta Hawks Volt-ernate

Atlanta Hawks Volt-ernate

I’ll be doing one NBA concept for each day in May, today is day one, and it’s a ‘volt’ based alternate for the Atlanta Hawks. Now, I’m not the first to propose something like this, I’m also not the first person to think that a “volt-ernate” Hawks uni is more a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

Main difference with my concept, when compared to the Hawks current uniform set, is moving the triangular pattern off the body of the jersey and keeping it confined to the side panels. I like the pattern, it’s just a bit much when splashed across the entire jersey.

I’ve also gone with the ‘Hawks’ wordmark on the jersey with the thinking being that this could be their ‘home’ alternate (with the red alternate for the road) – they currently use ‘Atlanta’ across both their regular home and away jerseys, and ‘ATL’ on the red alternate.

One day down, 30 to go.

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