Memphis Grizzlies Away

Memphis Grizzlies Away

Day fifteen of #maymadness, and it’s the Memphis Grizzlies.

I’ve changed things up for the Grizzlies by abandoning their current colour scheme entirely. Instead I’ve opted to use elements from their original palette, focusing heavily on the brown/bronze colour which only played a minor part in their original look – it was used as used within the trim on the inaugural Vancouver Grizzlies gear, but eventually disappeared from the unis.

My original plan was for a brown jersey with red, white, and turquoise trimming, however it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped so I swapped the turquoise out for the deeper brown I’d used on the re-coloured logos.

Could easily see this with a traditional white-based home jersey, along with a red-based alternate to continue the nod back to the old ABA Memphis Sounds.

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