Boston Celtics City Edition 2019

Boston Celtics City Edition 2019

Given that Nike and Celtics used this year’s “city edition” jersey to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the 2008 Championship, it doesn’t seem like a massive stretch that they’ll do something similar again next season.

2018-19 will be the 50th anniversary of the Celtic’s 1969 Championship – the last of the Bill Russell era, his 11th Ring as a player, and 2nd as coach. Surely all fitting of a jersey tribute.

Up front, this is not intended to be a classic/throwback jersey – although next year would also be a perfect time for an 1969-accurate jersey to be added to the lineup.

I’d still like to see a cream/off-white alternative instead of the grey and black the Celtics are running this year – the 76ers and the Bucks both have cream jerseys this season and they look excellent.

Design features incorporated into the jersey include a subtle parquet pattern (yes, like the current grey “city” jerseys) but with it limited to side panels and the in-fill of the outline-only jersey number and shamrock on the shorts. I’ve also gone with an older style ‘Boston’ wordmark, and added Bill Russell’s signature as the jock tag. A “1969 World Champions” banner added to the belt line much the same as on this year’s grey unis.

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